Pinout Solutions initiated two dissemination activities of the MASTRO Project

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April 22, 2019

During the month of March, Pinout Solutions participated in two dissemination activities for an audience of university students of IT degrees.

In the first one, our IT partner recorded a masterclass video that is currently being used as part of the training program of the EIT Digital Master School in Brussels. The aim of EIT Digital is to achieve global impact through European innovation fuelled by entrepreneurial talent and digital technology, acting as the meeting point for tomorrow’s digital innovators and entrepeneurs. Pinout Solutions shared its experience as a tech-based SME Horizon 2020 beneficiary, as well as explaining how Industry 4.0 hot topics are applied in its daily work.

The second event took place at the Technical University of Madrid, where a presentation was given to an audience of Master’s students in Electronic Systems Engineering. This time, the talk focused on the ICT Platform and on the challenge to integrate technologies from three very different industries into one unified solution. It also showed the key role of the IT specialist in the framework of cutting-edge European R&D initiatives such as Horizon 2020 or the upcoming Horizon Europe.

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