Electrical conductivity of carbon nanofiber reinforced resins: Potentiality of Tunneling Atomic Force Microscopy (TUNA) technique

Morphological, rheological and electrical properties of composites filled with carbon nanotubes functionalized with 1-pyrenebutyric acid

Smart coatings of epoxy based CNTs designed to meet practical expectations in aeronautics

Self-healing epoxy nanocomposites via reversible hydrogen bonding

The effect of type of mechanical processing on conductivity and piezoresistive response of CNT and graphite composites

Electrical current map and bulk conductivity of carbon fiber-reinforced nanocomposites

Carbon-based aeronautical epoxy nanocomposites: Effectiveness of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in investigating the dispersion of different carbonaceous nanoparticles

Reversible self-healing carbon-based nanocomposites for structural applications

Multifunctional performance of a Nano-Modified fiber reinforced composite aeronautical panel

UV irradiated graphene-based nanocomposites: Change in the mechanical properties by local harmoniX atomic force microscopy detection

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