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The GA is the highest level management body of MASTRO and is responsible for ultimate decision making and approval of any management structure or project direction suggestion. It is led by Dr. Silvia Hernández (ACCIONA) and all partners of the project consortium will be represented. The GA assumes responsibility for liaison among the parties, analyzing, administrating and implementing the results and provisions according to the project consortium agreement.


STC is led by Mr. Ignacio Martín Gullón from APPLYNANO (leader of WP3), who has extensive expertise coordinating and managing research activities. The STC will monitor the technical progress of the project, the quality and technical contents of deliverables, and the project reports. Moreover, the STC will analyze incidents on the work progress and any relevant changes in the work plan considering technical risks and proposed mitigation measures.


IEC is led by Dr. Alex Zoikis-Karathanasis (AXIA) as the MASTRO´s partner expert on exploitation and dissemination activities in the project. Dr. Zoikis-Karathanasis has a deep business understanding, along with a strong technical background in the field of nanomaterials for ensuring that creative ideas are anchored to the appropriate market, regulatory, and performance requirements. He has experience in the exploitation of research results and innovation management and under his guidance 3 start-up & spin off companies have been founded in the field of nano-materials. In MASTRO project he will have close cooperation with Giuseppina Barra from UNISA (training activities leader, Task 8.5) and ACCIONA (coordinator of the project). The IEC will monitor the data management plan that will be developed in WP9 and which will ensure relevant project´s information transferability and will take into account the restrictions established by the consortium agreement. In this sense, the plan will set the basis both the exploitation and the dissemination plan (WP9).

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